When you find someone you love, please hold on to them and never let go. Don’t let your own insecurities get in the way. If you feel that this person genuinely cares for you or loves you, then trust this person enough to leave yourself vulnerable.
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I’m attracted to intelligence. Not the book smart type of intelligence. I could care less whether you’ve gone to college or how much money you make because of it. I like intelligent conversations that make me think even hours after it’s ended. I soak up words from radical minds.

If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.
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im in one of those periods in my life where i cant focus on anything i cant finish an assignment i cant listen to one song for more than 5 seconds i cant sit through a tv show episode i cant finish a book i cant write a story

all i can do is stare blankly at the wall and wish i had something to do but everything i could do or want to do is just supremely unsatisfying


Hey kids this is a symptom of depression

Los sueños son útiles, pero son un arma de doble filo, mientras sirven de calmante para el dolor y alimento para la esperanza, también nos van acostumbrando a conformarnos tan sólo con un ‘mientras tanto’ olvidando poco a poco que para poder volar, las acciones son más efectivas que los sueños.
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18 de julio de 2012


En los días de verano disfrutábamos de mirar a las personas que pasaban por la calle. Nos colocábamos en los escalones y sentados observábamos hasta entrada la noche. Un día pasó una joven pareja, él un caballero con modales de otros tiempos, ella atenta y cortés. Se turnaban para hablar. Él…

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The unexpected death of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams has brought a reminder to the world that depression and addiction are illnesses that people cannot simply overcome or just “snap out of.” In fact, these are serious mental health issues that many tend to dismiss, often mistaking real symptoms with someone being melodramatic. Despite his rise in fame and success, Williams still struggled with addiction and depression throughout his career, and often talked and joked about his decades-long battle with cocaine and alcohol addiction.
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